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About Us

“What I can think about, I can WRITE about. What I can write about, I can read. What I have written, I can share with others so that they are able to share my thoughts”

Even in the age of technology, handwriting remains the primary tool of communication and knowledge assessment.

Literacy for Life is a non-profit company which was established in November 2014 to help cash strapped schools achieve these goals for our children in South Africa. Funding for government schools remain a challenge and funding in our under privileged schools even more so. In many instances teachers are taking it upon themselves to spend their own money on aids or tools to assist children to be able to learn to read or write or experience the opportunity to express themselves through art.

Adopt A School

“Adopt a school project” is a programme where companies can adopt a school and for as little as R10 000 per annum, can ensure that the children in the “Foundation Phase” of these schools, enjoy the opportunity of being able to use additional tools that can help them learn to read and write, as well as express themselves through drawing or painting.

The funding is used to provide the following types of products that will assist the children and teachers:

1.       WriteRight

2.       Dala Art products

3.       Freedom Stationery

All of these products are locally produced and distributed in South Africa.

Companies or individuals can select a school and choose to sponsor them each year to ensure that we can provide the children with the relevant packs of products to assist them with their teaching curriculum.