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“Education is the passport to the future, for tomorrow belongs to those who prepare for it today”

~ Malcolm X

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Charity Fund

Literacy for life is a non-profit company, established in February 2015, with a bubbling ambition to make a difference in the education sector of South Africa. Underprivileged schools continue to buckle under the pressures created by dramatic lack of funding.

What We Do

Our focus is specifically aimed at impacting early childhood development (“ECD”) in underprivileged areas of our country, preparing them for preschool and primary school.

Ultimately it is our aim to assist as many underprivileged schools as possible. With an increase in funding, our expansion will spread through all provinces in South Africa to lend a helping hand to as many desperate schools in our country as we possibly can.

Our objective is to provide ECD schools with the quintessential materials and feeding schemes to ensure optimal preparation for their schooling careers, so they can thrive off the proper education they deserve.

We rely on the support of Corporate and Personal investments. Without the support corporate and social responsibility program spending, we will not achieve our goals.

Our Mission

For Literacy for Life to be known as a ‘trusted NPO’ specialist for delivering and helping to drive the transition to an equal opportunity for education in South Africa for all.

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What Our Donors Say

“Exclusive Networks South Africa are extremely privileged to be partnered with Literacy for Life and the work they do in underprivileged communities. Their unique initiatives allow us to engage and support early childhood development (ECD) through their various programmes that focus on teaching children how to read and write, and express themselves through artistic channels. Their commitment and involvement is a cornerstone of the community, and the work they do is of paramount importance in a country that struggles with poverty and literacy rates. We are proud to be working with them to uplift and empower the youth of South Africa, who will one day lead our country”

David Wilson (Marketing Team Lead)

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